About Me

I am a native Delawarean. I grew up in New Castle, Delaware. My mother worked in banking and my father is an elementary school teacher. My middle class background has helped shape my views on how government can work best for people. Part of that is eliminating burdensome regulations that stand in the way of bringing good paying middle class jobs to Kent County Delaware.

I went to Hodgson Vo Tech High School in Glasgow where I studied electrical trades. From there I went through a four year apprenticeship to become a journeyman electrician. I then worked for quite a few years as a residential electrician and crew leader until moving on to work for a national home builder here in Delaware where I manage warranty service. It wasn’t always easy. Following the financial crisis of 2007-2008 I was laid off several times over the next several years as the economy and housing market slowly recovered. I understand what it can be like to deal with financial hardships and uncertainty.

I have made my home in Camden, Delaware with my wife Jen and three children. Kent county was our choice when in search of a safe and welcoming community with good schools. Ever since getting here we have sought to be active in the community. I serve as a director for my community HOA and board member of my church. I also run the sound booth on Sundays at church. My wife has coached soccer for our daughter’s team. Now I would like to serve you as your 5th district Levy Court commissioner!

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